New Senate Committee into Regulators Facts while the Household Panel into the Regulators Change are types of a

New Senate Committee into Regulators Facts while the Household Panel into the Regulators Change are types of a

ten. ______ is the authoritative label to possess legislative oversight. a great. Administrative rulemaking b. Government privilege c. Adjudication d. Legislative remark

eleven. ______ manage money numbers and progressive changes yearly. amittees for the regulators businesses b. Authorizing committees c. Appropriations committees d. Professional committees

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thirteen. Government privilege reach become popular for the ______ government. a beneficial. Clinton b. Nixon c. George W. Plant d. Ford

14. Congressional employees ______ away from 1965 to 2009. good. twofold b. tripled c. try less in two d. existed an identical

fifteen. The ______ is starting to become Congress’s master arm to own exploring the efficiency out-of government applications. a beneficial. Domestic Panel toward Regulators Reform b. Treasury Company c. Senate Committee into Government Things d. GAO

sixteen. Outputs, abilities, customer service, high quality, and you may consequences is criteria getting bodies companies beneath the a good. Budget and Bookkeeping Operate. bpetition and you will Employing Work. c. Bodies Performance and you can Show Work. d. regulations of your own Senate Panel to your Regulators Points.

17. According to the Structure, all following the hold real Except a good. Congress makes laws and regulations. b. Congress brings the fresh new bureaucracy and you will authorizes software and you will program directors. c. Congress appropriates money to possess programs from inside the federal bureaucracy. d. Congress vigilantly performs guidelines.

21. A citizen’s stake in the privacy from personal data should be healthy contrary to the mans to learn so they are able take part inside the popular government. an excellent. Real b. Not true

twenty-two. The us government Performance and you can Show Operate has actually significantly changed the fresh new fabric out-of congressional oversight because of the demanding you to definitely enterprises boost the amount and you may the standard of all the information they give you to help you Congress. a beneficial. True b. Not the case

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sixteen. Area of the components of bureaucratic obligation was a great. federalism and you may moral behavior. b. authorities from the proxy and you may breakup away from energies. c. legislative feedback and you may authorities from the proxy. d. responsibility and you can ethical choices.

16. New Western government is just one of the _______ of your own industrialized regions worldwide. A minuscule b. prominent c. most powerful d. weakest

fifteen. Latest authorities using is good. bequeath around the many classes. B concentrated certainly a few classes. c. mostly spent on foreign-aid and security. d. worried about the newest lead beginning regarding attributes.

1. Most of the after the are included in the overall management puzzles you to definitely Western authorities spends to solve the newest troubles due to dexterity But good. interagency conflict. b. representativeness. c. interagency dexterity. d. part away from teams inside the support and you can managing operating issues.

step one. Brand new latest solutions to public government reform matter the bureaucratic orthodoxy considering an effective. downsizing. b furfling promo code. expert and you may steps. c. proceeded improve. d. reengineering.

step 3. ______ can happen when regulators firms attempt to look for highest categories to have present ranks. good. Degree slide b. Reductions in force c. Buyout d.

cuatro. Centered on Terry Moe there’s good mismatch between the public’s _____and you may ________which leads to a lot more governmental visits. a great. expectations of a founder; the brand new minimal resources readily available b. awareness of politics; versatile departments c. determination that have politics; nonprofit gurus d. vision to own regulators; state-peak staffers

step 3. Rourke, public service to own a keen agency’s decision normally originates from several other source; an enthusiastic agency’s ______ and you may ________. an excellent. bulk societal; attentive publics b. values; guidance c. constituents; budget d. politics; voting take off

step 3. The Congressional Funds Place of work quotes one to between 2009 and you may 2020 brand new government loans belonging to the public since a portion of one’s overall savings often an effective. raise. b. elizabeth. d. getting unimportant.

5. The us government threats sacrificing control, responsiveness, and often top quality if this depends on ______ to own system implementation. an excellent. backward mapping b. whistle-blowers c. proxies d. congressional staff

8. Regulatory government revolves as much as all following the main values Except a good. sound decisions. b. procedural fairness. c. prices reductions. d. coverage achievement.

9. ______ are on the bodies agencies’ protection out of information that is personal such individuals’ tax returns. an excellent. Management privacy b. Legislative remark c. Performance-dependent guidance d. Exec advantage

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